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For The Mind

​​Each day should be filled with at least one smile, one laugh and one moment that we share with someone dear to us. For many the holidays are the best time to do just that. However if asked to give three words that best describe the holiday season, many would include the word STRESS.

To help eliminate stress during the holiday season, The Partner Project offers safety tips for mind, body and soul.

For the mind:

  1. Remember the holiday season is for you as well. While doing something for others take a few moments to do something kind for yourself!

  2. Avoid being overwhelmed by trying to make everyone happy. Kindness, thoughtfulness and caring is a year round offering. There is no need to compensate for an entire year in a weeks’ time

  3. Money is a leading cause of stress. Do not over extend yourself to see someone you love happy. Gifts come from the heart NOT the wallet!

  4. Don’t force it! If you are becoming anxious over attending an event you believe is going to cause you stress, there is nothing wrong with politely declining. If your relationship with people is based on you being someone else, that isn’t a healthy relationship

  5. Slow it down. Avoiding things only makes time go faster. Space your time allowing you to catch your breath and do things at a moderate pace.

  6. Support yourself. Try saying positive things about the season and the coming year. Statements such as, “I can’t wait for the season to be over” put you in a negative frame of mind

  7. Stop and look around. When we rush, we often fail to see the beauty around us. When possible observe decorations and lighting that are placed to illuminate this time of year

  8. Get your rest. Burning the candle at both ends isn’t healthy and can put you in an unhappy frame of mind

  9. Call them. Call a family member, friend or acquaintance that you have been putting off for a time. A simple hello and a few minutes to “catch up” will give you a chance to cross off something hanging over your head

  10. Embrace a quiet moment. No cell phone, no computer, no television, etc. Take a few moments to listen to yourself breathe, to allow yourself to slow your heart rate down and to relax. No one deserves it more

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