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Breaking The Silence


The Partner Project is dedicated to breaking the silence associated with relationship and domestic violence. Since our inception, people from all walks of life have stepped forward in an effort to leave the unhealthy relationship(s) that have prevented them from fulfilling their dreams. But what does "breaking the silence" mean and how does one go about doing it?

In matters of the heart and soul, silence is broken in silence. Before someone can break the silence that grips them, the only words spoken are, "what’s going to happen if I tell you"? The first and in many cases the only, opportunity to help yourself is left in the hands of an individual who is either too close to your situation, may be just as frightened as you or not able to give you the gift of listening without opinion. In simplest terms, the person you trust to finally open up to may actually cause you to draw further back into silence.

Breaking the silence is a process. To begin the process you must make a decision to change your life. Such decisions begin in the quietness of your heart, in the small part that you haven't expended yet. Unfortunately, as it’s been since the day we are born, the first step in the process is the most difficult. The first step is to forgive yourself and stop asking yourself repeatedly why do you stay? And, how can you be so dumb for taking the person back over and over? Your forgiveness will not be absolute, at first it may not even be recognizable to you but if you are speaking to yourself without criticizing what you have accepted, you have begun to change your life.

Once you have begun a calm dialogue inside of you, the clouds that obscure your serenity will slowly begin to leave. Secondly, be good to yourself as you have been to the person or people who have not recognized or appreciated your kindness. Always remember, YOU MUST FEEL GOOD ABOUT YOURSELF BEFORE YOU FEEL GREAT ABOUT OTHERS! Once done, find a person who has earned your trust, or someone associated with health and wellness.

The first word you speak should shatter the shelter that has stifled you; I, I - as in your identity, I - as in you exist, I - as in you matter. Now that you have found your internal and external voice, say everything without embarrassment or without fear of judgment. Let out your pain through words that have been imprisoned inside of you.

Congratulations, by reading this through you just began the process of breaking the silence. Now walk...


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