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John's Response to NYT Article

First and foremost, the Obama Administration and his followers (yes, we no longer use words like supporters to describe voting blocs), made a typical millennium-minded decision by infusing emotion into policy making. The law, as with policies and procedures, should be obvious with clear consequences for those who commit sexual crimes on campus, those who falsely accuse others of the same and those who are repeat offenders. Politics needs to be removed from the equation. Narcissism needs to be removed from the equation. Lawmakers are looking more for legacy than legality. The time to shift the focus is NOW…

Simply put, all criminal investigations should be conducted by experienced former law-enforcement personnel. All investigators should have a liaison with the police department their institution is in. There should be an iron clad confidentiality clause for all parties. And just as important, there must be significant educational presentation(s) for all in-coming students at orientation and all returning students. The potential penalties, ranging from suspension to arrest, should be made clear. Lastly, a three-person panel consisting of, a retired-law enforcement person, a criminal attorney, and a health care provider with experience in trauma should participate in determining the outcome of the investigation.

Education is also key. Wellness/health classes should be mandatory for all college students. Topics would include the role of social media in a person’s life, alcohol and drug education, relationships, financial discretion, sexual health, and sexually transmitted diseases, to name a few.

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