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Stories of Hope

and Courage

“My friends, whoever you are out there going through this, it's ok, it's ok to just be you and let it all out. The end result is that you will be blessed, blessed with more love inside of you and confidence in who you are and you do not have to search for acceptance or love, it finds you automatically. It is a chain reaction to what greatness flows out of you. I would not trade my life for anything now that I realize that I was worth the save. God bless every one of you out there and all the hands that keep holding on to the ones that need it even when they do not realize just how long they need it. Courage and Hope was my journey.” 


Written by L



“I want to thank John and Teresa for their ongoing support in my life and I want everyone to know, whatever your struggle is and if you are in an abusive relationship, it is going to be hard, but if you break the silence and put a stop to your own pain, don't go back, work through it, accept the fact that you have to weather the storm to see the sun. It is all worth it.”


Written by L




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