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More Than Words

Photography can be a victim’s greatest ally.

In the aftermath of an incident of relationship/domestic violence one of the most frustrating challenges for a victim is conveying the magnitude of pain and fear that were inflicted by an abuser. A victim must paint a picture so others will understand the extent of their injuries and anguish.

Regardless of whether immediate prosecution will be taken, all victims of physical abuse should preserve this most devastating of moments and capture evidence of physical harm using photography. Images of injuries, regardless of how slight, should be taken, dates and times of the incidents should be documented, and when the photos were taken should be noted.

Photos should be kept in a safe place, and when the victim feels strong enough they should give the images over to authorities and retain copies for their own records. A victim should NEVER threaten someone with photos or bring up the possibility of photos, or video existing.

Photos that detail the injuries that were inflicted by an abuser assist victims in telling their story. These photos can be invaluable in ending the silence of this insidious societal problem. The only limitation to revealing the ugliness of physical abuse by video and photography is that it doesn’t memorialize the emotional scars that remain long after the physical ones fade.

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