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Is the Alpha-male extinct?

The recent surge in previously unreported accusations of sexual harassment, abuse, assault and rape

brings up strong emotions from the political and activist paradigms (not to mention the endless hordes of faceless internet trolls). However, since we still exist in a country that mainly recognizes due process, and the right to legitimately question why someone would wait decades to come forward, it is important to recognize the concerns of both women and men.

According to the F.B.I. and C.D.C., men are recognized as the dominant assailant in committing abhorrent crimes and conduct involving unwanted sexual behavior towards others. So, what should be done to help stop what is obviously an infomania between human beings?

First, men need to understand that in the current climate they are presumed guilty before being proven innocent. Therefore, men need to improve their decision making when in the presence of people, they are attracted to. This includes in the work place and social settings (especially where alcohol or other intoxicants are present). Primal behavior once seen as a compliment to another person must be replaced by open and respectful dialogue regarding what type of experience is desired by the male.

This is why the word, consent, is strewn around campuses and residential hallways. Consent needs to be looked at as a living unwritten agreement between two parties for intimate conversation or contact. It is living because at any time during the interaction, one party can immediately desist, changing the relationship.

Men must also view themselves as valuable and not diminish their relationships by draping themselves in locker room culture. Somehow the label “alpha-male,” which at one time defined a man who endures the struggles of life while still protecting his family, friends and when necessary someone in need, has come to describe an unrefined individual who expects his primal desires to be accepted and welcomed by those who receive their attention.

The world currently has a dearth of alpha-males. It is crying out for the male who when he walks into a room, others look at him with admiration and feel a high level of comfort, respect and safety.

The alpha-male that today’s society craves does not have to be built like a professional athlete. He shouldn’t speak in a loud voice, or act as if getting attention is his reward for being what he is. True alpha-males are unassuming, respectful, and genuine in their words and actions. They cry when hurt, they console when appropriate and they are dependable in all things human. They are leaders, compromisers, and protectors of mankind. The quintessential male, politely declines when something is not 100 percent. They are strong in soul and human in heart. They are one of the most precious commodities in this life. My only concern is where are they?

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