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Safety Planning For The Holidays

1. Stay alert at all times - Cell phone and headphone use should be used primarily when you have someone to watch your surroundings. Crimes of opportunity such as sexual assault and robbery often occur to people who are distracted.

2. Create positive memories - The holiday season can be filled with many things. One in particular is pressure. Pressure to create memories of doing things you know you shouldn't like excessive drinking, drug use or intimacy that you are not emotionally prepared for or don’t want. Create the memory of good judgment. You'll appreciate eventually and never regret it.

3. Trust your instincts - You know whether something is right or not. The biggest challenge is not identifying what is right or wrong but to stand your ground. Remember the main difference between children and adults is children say "yes", adults, real men and women, say "no."

4. Do the obvious - You have read about it. You have heard about it. You have been told about it. Now do it! Don't drink and drive! Always have a designated driver. One you can trust! Remember, one drink is impaired driving!

5. See things differently - Do something between now and the end of the year that will cause some people you know to see you as the special person you are --like volunteering for a toy drive or volunteering at a soup kitchen!!!!

We wish you a safe, happy and peaceful holiday season.

~~The Partner Project~~

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