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For The Body

Each day should be filled with at least one smile, one laugh and one moment shared with someone dear to us. For many the holidays are the best time to do just that. However, if asked to give three words that best describe the holiday season many would include the word STRESS.

To help eliminate stress during the holiday season, The Partner Project offers safety tips for mind, body and soul.

For the body:

  1. Never ever drink and drive. Not a sip of alcohol. Remember, there are fellow motorists ignoring this unbreakable rule.

  2. While shopping avoid wearing expensive jewelry. Robbery is often a crime of opportunity. Avoid being an attractive candidate.

  3. Be aware of your surroundings! Avoid walking in dimly lit areas, narrow passageways or stairwells.

  4. If you need to make a cell phone call, do it standing still with your back against a wall if possible. Keep conversations brief and do not transit parking areas while on the phone.

  5. Keep your car keys in your hand. Keys may be used as a defense and gives you an opportunity to hit your alarm possibly warding off pursuers.

  6. When possible, shop during daylight hours and if at night, shop with someone you know.

  7. Always park as close to your destination as possible.

  8. Always park in illuminated areas.

  9. If you feel unsafe, request security for an escort to your vehicle or public transportation.

  10. If you see something suspicious such as an unattended package, backpack, etc., inform security immediately or call 911.

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