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For The Soul

Each day should be filled with at least one smile, one laugh and one moment shared with someone dear to us. For many the holidays are the best time to do just that. However, if asked to give three words that best describe the holiday season many would include the word STRESS.

To help eliminate stress during the holiday season, The Partner Project offers safety tips for mind, body and soul.

For the soul:

  1. Take time to reconnect with your internal voice. Meditation is a great way to do that. Look for a class near you, or select from the many meditation CDs or MP3s that are available. Meditation is a wonderful way to quiet the world around you and focus on you.

  2. If prayer is part of your world find time each day to quietly reflect on those people, issues and concerns that touch your life. Offer prayers for those in need. Give your worries up to your “higher power” whoever or whatever that may be for you. Releasing some of your burden in this manner can be incredibly freeing.

  3. Listen to music. Often music, or song lyrics, helps us connect with our emotions that lie beneath the surface of our day-to-day existence. Many times music can be a valuable tool providing a safe “place” for you to work through concerns that are weighing heavy on you spiritually.

  4. Volunteer your time with an organization that provides support for an effort that is dear to you. Helping others provides a feeling of satisfaction and worthiness that feeds your soul.

  5. Pay it forward. Perform a random act of kindness. Similar to volunteering, giving of yourself to make a difference for someone makes both of your worlds a bit brighter.

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