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When Stupidity Spotlights Ignorance: An Editorial

There is a fine line between stupidity and ignorance. That line became further blurred with the empty-headed

comments on domestic violence recently made by Los Angeles manager Dusty Baker.

At 66 years-old it would appear that the intelligence train has left Mr. Baker standing on the platform. However, his ignorance may actually shine a brighter light on domestic, dating and relationship violence than the efforts of those who have dedicated themselves to education, training and research.

On October 30th it was alleged that Aroldis Chapman, a 100 mile-an-hour throwing pitcher, choked his girlfriend and fired gunshots from inside his garage while she cowered in nearby bushes. Baker was asked about the domestic violence allegations against Chapman and responded by stating, “Who’s to say the allegations are true number one. And who’s to say what you would have done, or what caused the problem.” Baker who admitted to not having read any documentation on the incident, instead decided to paint Chapman as the victim. In other words, rather than take the opportunity to denounce domestic violence, while educating others on due process, he took the all too common approach of protecting his asset. After all, how many people on the planet can throw over 100 miles an-hour?

Of course, Baker went on to infuse racial stereotyping into his response by claiming minorities run faster than Caucasians, a statement solidifying him as stupid (not to mention one that previously ended the careers of others). However, by Baker defending without intimate knowledge of the situation he put a face to ignorance, and yes, stupidity, regarding domestic violence. Just as former professional football player Ray Rice’s assault video and photos of Dallas Cowboys Greg Hardy’s then girlfriend’s injuries from his hands forced people to take note, so did Baker’s ignorant, and stupid, comments.

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