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A new year brings new promises; to oneself and to others. Knowing what is important to you as well as to the people in your life is the first step in striking a healthy balanced life. Here are a few things to assist you in achieving balance in your life and aid you in keeping your New Year promises:

  1. Know your limitations: This doesn’t lower your goals or expectations for yourself, your relationship or your goals. Often we set goals for the purpose of satisfying those around us, such as our parents, our partner or our children. “If I do all of these things, I’ll be a good role model.” Role models are not heroes, they’re human beings who give effort in everything that they do. Avoid overloading yourself trying to impress others. Set goals that challenge you without negatively affecting your life!

  2. Choose goals that make you happy: Goal-setting is more difficult to achieve especially if you are unsure of what direction you wish your life to take. If you are unsure of what direction you want to go in, take introductory courses through adult education, yoga, or meditation. Go outside your comfort zone. Join something that may extend your circle. Adding new ingredients to your life’s recipe may spice things up!

  1. Make and set your goals sooner than later: We have all done it. Even the most successful people have done it. Yes, I’m talking about procrastination. The longer you wait, the longer it will take you to make a leap of faith. Think of all the times you stuck your toe into freezing water, only to feel the water warm to your skin. In other words, change your environment instead of allowing your environment to change you.

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