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The real meaning behind HAPPY NEW YEAR

H – Hold those closest to you. Too often we distance ourselves from the people who have supported us throughout our lives, for a new relationship which brings only possibility.

A – Avail yourself to happiness. Take moments out of your day and do something just for you.

P – Prevent others from controlling your life. Make your own decisions or make decisions jointly with your partner that benefit the both of you.

P – Plan goals for the coming year. Make sure they are what you want and not what someone else wants.

Y – Yield to other people when it will benefit you or have a positive outcome for you and your goals.

N – No means no. If you are not ready, WAIT!

E – Embrace new challenges that will allow you to see improvement in your abilities.

W – Worry about only things you can control. Think of the amount of energy you put into other people. How much is left for you?

Y – You come first. Put the oxygen mask on yourself first before helping others. If you’re not at your best, how much of a positive effect can you have on another?

E – Emote your feelings. Allowing feelings to internally fester causes undue stress that can negatively affect you emotionally and physically.

A – Adapt to new situations without regret. Cold pools become warmer after the initial shock of jumping in!

R – Reward yourself when you make progress in your personal and professional life. Too often we find it more satisfying when others do something for us rather than us doing is for ourselves!

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