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The American Media and Their Promotion of Voyeurism

Since the fizzling out of the media’s coverage on relationship, domestic and dating violence (RDDV), the average American has once again turned its attention to voyeurism of the rich, famous and influential. However, the lack of constant coverage on RDDV does more than ignore a serious social ill, it jeopardizes lives. All media, paper and digital need to assess their coverage of RDDV. Rather than report on tragedies, such as the savage murder of mother and educator IIona Gonzalez in Milwaukee, WI by someone she knew, coverage should be given to educating people on how to keep themselves safe. Information on relationship red flags, how to create a safe exit plan from an unhealthy relationship and resources for victim’s AND abusers could save lives and allow the media to become more than an entertainment vehicle for those who would rather live their lives through strangers.

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